Sunday, April 19, 2009

Piano refinishing

As said on a previous post, I bought a piano. With in the week, my brother also bought a piano. He works at a cabinet shop and has the tools needed to repair wood so he began an adventure of refinishing it.

I helped him a little but this last weekend I decided to go down and spend the day helping him redo it. We stripped down the old varnish and carefully sanded the rest. My brother filled in a chip on the corner that you can't even tell was there now. We had a few mishaps during the process but did okay for the most part. I did hit my finger with a hammer while separating my bench but it didn't hurt. Really weird. Here is a picture but it looks worse in real life. This doesn't really do it justice.

We worked really hard on getting as much done of his piano as possible. The end result was quite pretty.

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julie said...

How fun! I love refinishing furniture but it's been a long time since I've done it. I bet it's even better when you have all the right tools.